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Part Number: Y10370063
Description: *NLA 8-16-07 GLASS-SHELF
Line Code: WHP

Fits Models:   ART2527AB (BOM: PART2527AB0) , ART2527AC (BOM: PART2527AC0) , ART2527AW (BOM: PART2527AW0) , TH25TE (BOM: P1303001W E) , TH25TL (BOM: P1303001W L) , TH25TW (BOM: P1303001W W) , TR25S5 (BOM: P1196401W E) , TR25S5 (BOM: P1196401W L) , TR25S5 (BOM: P1196401W W) , TR25S5E (BOM: P1196401W E) , TR25S5E (BOM: P1196402W E) , TR25S5L (BOM: P1196401W L) , TR25S5L (BOM: P1196402W L) , TR25S5W (BOM: P1196401W W) , TR25S5W (BOM: P1196402W W) , TR25V2E (BOM: P1316101W E) , TR25V2E (BOM: P1316102W E) , TR25V2L (BOM: P1316101W L) , TR25V2L (BOM: P1316102W L) , TR25V2W (BOM: P1316101W W) , TR25V2W (BOM: P1316102W W) , TR25VE (BOM: P1196404W E) , TR25VL (BOM: P1196404W L) , TR25VW (BOM: P1196404W W) , TR525SL (BOM: P1182801W L) , TR525SL (BOM: P1182803W L) , TR525SL (BOM: P1182804W L) , TR525SW (BOM: P1182801W W) , TR525SW (BOM: P1182803W W) , TR525SW (BOM: P1182804W W) , TR525VW (BOM: P1322701W W) , TRI25S5E (BOM: P1300001W E) , TRI25S5L (BOM: P1300001W L) , TRI25S5W (BOM: P1300001W W) , TRI25VE (BOM: P1300004W E) , TRI25VL (BOM: P1300004W L) , TRI25VW (BOM: P1300004W W) , TS25TE (BOM: P1308001W E) , TS25TL (BOM: P1308001W L) , TS25TW (BOM: P1308001W W) , TSI25TE (BOM: P1308101W E) , TSI25TL (BOM: P1308101W L) , TSI25TW (BOM: P1308101W W) , TSI25VE (BOM: P1308102W E) , TSI25VL (BOM: P1308102W L) , TSI25VW (BOM: P1308102W W) , TX25R4E (BOM: P1175402W E) , TX25R4L (BOM: P1175402W L) , TX25R4W (BOM: P1175402W W) , TXI25R4E (BOM: P1185301W E) , TXI25R4L (BOM: P1185301W L) , TXI25R4W (BOM: P1185301W W) ,

See #6 on the Diagram
Not Available
  Youngstown 0
  Canton 0
  Cleveland (Euclid) 0
  Cleveland (Mentor) 0
  Cleveland (Garfield) 0
  Columbus (West) 0
  Columbus (East)   (P) 0
  Columbus (North)   (P) 0
  Erie 0
  Livonia 0
  Parma   (P) 0
  Pittsburgh (Monroeville) 0
  Pittsburgh (Northside) 0
  Pittsburgh (Pleasant)   (P) 0
  Utica 0
  Warren   (P) 0

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