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WR87X260 has been replaced by WR87X10082

Part Number: WR87X10082
Your Price: $ 524.49
Line Code: GEN
Replaces the Following Parts:   WR87X10, WR87X10021, WR87X10038, WR87X10080, WR87X20, WR87X201, WR87X238, WR87X24, WR87X247, WR87X249, WR87X260, WR87X261, WR87X262, WR87X263, WR87X264, WR87X269, WR87X270, WR87X271, WR87X272, WR87X273, WR87X274, WR87X279, WR87X280, WR87X290, WR87X291, WR87X293, WR87X299, WR87X30, WR87X300, WR87X301, WR87X303, WR87X310, WR87X311, WR87X313, WR87X320, WR87X321, WR87X330, WR87X331, WR87X34, WR87X340, WR87X349, WR87X360, WR87X361, WR87X40, WR87X414, WR87X420, WR87X423, WR87X425, WR87X431, WR87X44, WR87X441, WR87X461, WR87X462, WR87X50, WR87X5001, WR87X515, WR91X12, WR91X5, WR91X6
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  Youngstown, OH 0
  Canton, OH 0
  Cleveland, OH (Euclid) 0
  Cleveland, OH (Mentor) 0
  Cleveland, OH (Garfield) 0
  Columbus, OH (West) 0
  Columbus, OH (East)   (P) 0
  Columbus, OH (North)   (P) 0
  Erie, PA 0
  Harrisburg, PA 0
  Livonia, MI 0
  Parma, OH   (P) 0
  Pittsburgh, PA (Monroeville) 0
  Pittsburgh, PA (Northside) 0
  Pittsburgh, PA (Pleasant)   (P) 0
  Utica, NY 0
  Warren, OH   (P) 0

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