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Brand Integrity Coalition


Part Number: 10481210
Description: *NLA 10481220 CONDENSER
Line Code: WHP

Fits Models:   BC20TL (BOM: P1196511W L) , BC20TL (BOM: P1196514W L) , BC20TW (BOM: P1196511W W) , BC20TW (BOM: P1196514W W) , BC21VL (BOM: P1321506W L) , BC21VL (BOM: P1325004W L) , BC21VW (BOM: P1321506W W) , BC21VW (BOM: P1325004W W) , BCI20TL (BOM: P1309701W L) , BCI20TL (BOM: P1309702W L) , BCI20TW (BOM: P1309701W W) , BCI20TW (BOM: P1309702W W) , BCI21VL (BOM: P1321507W L) , BCI21VL (BOM: P1325005W L) , BCI21VW (BOM: P1321507W W) , BCI21VW (BOM: P1325005W W) , BG20T2L (BOM: P1316303W L) , BG20T2W (BOM: P1316303W W) , BG20TL (BOM: P1196510W L) , BG20TL (BOM: P1196516W L) , BG20TW (BOM: P1196510W W) , BG20TW (BOM: P1196516W W) , BG21VL (BOM: P1321501W L) , BG21VL (BOM: P1325001W L) , BG21VW (BOM: P1321501W W) , BG21VW (BOM: P1325001W W) , BH20S5L (BOM: P1196501W) , BH20S5L (BOM: P1196503W L) , BH20S5L (BOM: P1196505W L) , BH20S5W (BOM: P1196501W) , BH20S5W (BOM: P1196503W W) , BH20S5W (BOM: P1196505W W) , BH20TL (BOM: P1317003W L) , BH20TW (BOM: P1316304W W) , BM20TBL (BOM: P1305801W L) , BM20TBW (BOM: P1305801W W) , BR22S6E (BOM: P1196703W E) , BR22S6E (BOM: P1196706W E) , BR22S6L (BOM: P1196703W L) , BR22S6L (BOM: P1196706W L) , BR22S6W (BOM: P1196703W W) , BR22S6W (BOM: P1196706W W) , BR22TE (BOM: P1196709W E) , BR22TE (BOM: P1196710W E) , BR22TL (BOM: P1196709W L) , BR22TL (BOM: P1196710W L) , BR22TW (BOM: P1196709W W) , BR22TW (BOM: P1196710W W) , BR22VE (BOM: P1321505W E) , BR22VE (BOM: P1325003W E) , BR22VL (BOM: P1321505W L) , BR22VL (BOM: P1325003W L) , BR22VW (BOM: P1321505W W) , BR22VW (BOM: P1325003W W) , BX20S5E (BOM: P1196502W E) , BX20S5E (BOM: P1196504W E) , BX20S5E (BOM: P1196506W E) , BX20S5E (BOM: P1196507W E) , BX20S5E (BOM: P1196508W E) , BX20S5L (BOM: P1196502W L) , BX20S5L (BOM: P1196504W L) , BX20S5L (BOM: P1196506W L) , BX20S5L (BOM: P1196507W L) , BX20S5L (BOM: P1196508W L) , BX20S5W (BOM: P1196502W W) , BX20S5W (BOM: P1196504W W) , BX20S5W (BOM: P1196506W W) , BX20S5W (BOM: P1196507W W) , BX20S5W (BOM: P1196508W W) , BX21TE (BOM: P1196513W E) , BX21TE (BOM: P1196515W E) , BX21TL (BOM: P1196513W L) , BX21TL (BOM: P1196515W L) , BX21TW (BOM: P1196512W W) , BX21TW (BOM: P1196513W W) , BX21TW (BOM: P1196515W W) , BX21VE (BOM: P1321503W E) , BX21VE (BOM: P1325002W E) , BX21VL (BOM: P1321503W L) , BX21VL (BOM: P1325002W L) , BX21VW (BOM: P1321503W W) , BX21VW (BOM: P1325002W W) , BX22S5E (BOM: P1196701W E) , BX22S5E (BOM: P1196704W E) , BX22S5E (BOM: P1196705W E) , BX22S5E (BOM: P1196707W E) , BX22S5E (BOM: P1196708W E) , BX22S5L (BOM: P1196701W L) , BX22S5L (BOM: P1196704W L) , BX22S5L (BOM: P1196705W L) , BX22S5L (BOM: P1196707W L) , BX22S5L (BOM: P1196708W L) , BX22S5W (BOM: P1196701W W) , BX22S5W (BOM: P1196704W W) , BX22S5W (BOM: P1196705W W) , BX22S5W (BOM: P1196707W W) , BX22S5W (BOM: P1196708W W) , BX22TE (BOM: P1196711W E) , BX22TL (BOM: P1196711W L) , BX22TW (BOM: P1196711W W) , BXI21VE (BOM: P1321504W E) , BXI21VL (BOM: P1321504W L) , BXI21VW (BOM: P1321504W W) , BXI22S5E (BOM: P1196601W E) , BXI22S5E (BOM: P1196602W E) , BXI22S5E (BOM: P1196603W E) , BXI22S5L (BOM: P1196601W L) , BXI22S5L (BOM: P1196602W L) , BXI22S5L (BOM: P1196603W L) , BXI22S5W (BOM: P1196601W W) , BXI22S5W (BOM: P1196602W W) , BXI22S5W (BOM: P1196603W W) , GTG21B2L (BOM: P1193001W L) , GTG21B2L (BOM: P1193002W L) , GTG21B2L (BOM: P1193003W L) , GTG21B2L (BOM: P1193004W L) , GTG21B2W (BOM: P1193001W W) , GTG21B2W (BOM: P1193002W W) , GTG21B2W (BOM: P1193003W W) , GTG21B2W (BOM: P1193004W W) , GTW21B2L (BOM: P1192901W L) , GTW21B2L (BOM: P1192902W L) , GTW21B2L (BOM: P1192903W L) , GTW21B2L (BOM: P1192904W L) , GTW21B2W (BOM: P1192901W W) , GTW21B2W (BOM: P1192902W W) , GTW21B2W (BOM: P1192903W W) , GTW21B2W (BOM: P1192904W W) , HT600W (BOM: P1319401W W) , TA20TL (BOM: P1306101W L) , TA20TW (BOM: P1306101W W) , TAI20TL (BOM: P1306201W L) , TAI20TW (BOM: P1306201W W) , TG21VL (BOM: P1301803W L) , TG21VW (BOM: P1301803W W) , TGI21VL (BOM: P1310901W L) , TGI21VW (BOM: P1310901W W) , TH21S3L (BOM: P1195601W L) , TH21S3L (BOM: P1195604W L) , TH21S3L (BOM: P1195606W L) , TH21S3L (BOM: P1195608W L) , TH21S3W (BOM: P1195601W W) , TH21S3W (BOM: P1195604W W) , TH21S3W (BOM: P1195606W W) , TH21S3W (BOM: P1195608W W) , TH21TE (BOM: P1301802W E) , TH21TL (BOM: P1301802W L) , TH21TW (BOM: P1301802W W) , TH21V2L (BOM: P1315901W L) , TH21V2L (BOM: P1315902W L) , TH21V2L (BOM: P1315906W L) , TH21V2W (BOM: P1315901W W) , TH21V2W (BOM: P1315902W W) , TH21V2W (BOM: P1315906W W) , THI21S3L (BOM: P1194701W L) , THI21S3L (BOM: P1194704W L) , THI21S3L (BOM: P1194706W L) , THI21S3L (BOM: P1194708W L) , THI21S3W (BOM: P1194701W W) , THI21S3W (BOM: P1194704W W) , THI21S3W (BOM: P1194706W W) , THI21S3W (BOM: P1194708W W) , THI21TE (BOM: P1302602W E) , THI21TL (BOM: P1302602W L) , THI21TW (BOM: P1302602W W) , TK21R3L (BOM: P1189001W L) , TK21R3W (BOM: P1189001W W) , TN21V2L (BOM: P1315907W L) , TN21V2W (BOM: P1315907W W) , TN22AL (BOM: P1300701W L) , TN22AL (BOM: P1300702W L) , TN22AL (BOM: P1300703W L) , TN22AW (BOM: P1300701W W) , TN22AW (BOM: P1300702W W) , TN22AW (BOM: P1300703W W) , TN22CL (BOM: P1300704W L) , TN22CW (BOM: P1300704W W) , TR21S4E (BOM: P1196101W E) , TR21S4E (BOM: P1196103W E) , TR21S4E (BOM: P1196104W E) , TR21S4E (BOM: P1196105W E) , TR21S4E (BOM: P1196106W E) , TR21S4L (BOM: P1196101W L) , TR21S4L (BOM: P1196102W L) , TR21S4L (BOM: P1196103W L) , TR21S4L (BOM: P1196104W L) , TR21S4L (BOM: P1196105W L) , TR21S4L (BOM: P1196106W L) , TR21S4W (BOM: P1196101W W) , TR21S4W (BOM: P1196102W W) , TR21S4W (BOM: P1196103W W) , TR21S4W (BOM: P1196104W W) , TR21S4W (BOM: P1196105W W) , TR21S4W (BOM: P1196106W W) , TR21V2E (BOM: P1315904W E) , TR21V2E (BOM: P1316001W E) , TR21V2L (BOM: P1315904W L) , TR21V2L (BOM: P1316001W L) , TR21V2W (BOM: P1315904W W) , TR21V2W (BOM: P1316001W W) , TR21VE (BOM: P1309401W E) , TR21VL (BOM: P1309401W L) , TR21VW (BOM: P1309401W W) , TR22S4 (BOM: P1196201W E) , TR22S4 (BOM: P1196201W L) , TR22S4 (BOM: P1196201W W) , TR22S4E (BOM: P1196201W E) , TR22S4E (BOM: P1196203W E) , TR22S4E (BOM: P1196204W E) , TR22S4L (BOM: P1196201W L) , TR22S4L (BOM: P1196202W L) , TR22S4L (BOM: P1196203W L) , TR22S4L (BOM: P1196204W L) , TR22S4W (BOM: P1196201W W) , TR22S4W (BOM: P1196202W W) , TR22S4W (BOM: P1196203W W) , TR22S4W (BOM: P1196204W W) , TR522SL (BOM: P1182701W L) , TR522SL (BOM: P1182703W L) , TR522SL (BOM: P1182704W L) , TR522SW (BOM: P1182701W W) , TR522SW (BOM: P1182703W W) , TR522SW (BOM: P1182704W W) , TRI21S4E (BOM: P1303301W E) , TRI21S4E (BOM: P1303302W E) , TRI21S4L (BOM: P1303301W L) , TRI21S4L (BOM: P1303302W L) , TRI21S4W (BOM: P1303301W W) , TRI21S4W (BOM: P1303302W W) , TRI21VE (BOM: P1309501W E) , TRI21VL (BOM: P1309501W L) , TRI21VW (BOM: P1309501W W) , TRI22S4 (BOM: P1196301W E) , TRI22S4 (BOM: P1196301W L) , TRI22S4 (BOM: P1196301W W) , TRI22S4E (BOM: P1196301W E) , TRI22S4E (BOM: P1196303W E) , TRI22S4E (BOM: P1196304W E) , TRI22S4L (BOM: P1196301W L) , TRI22S4L (BOM: P1196302W L) , TRI22S4L (BOM: P1196303W L) , TRI22S4L (BOM: P1196304W L) , TRI22S4W (BOM: P1196301W W) , TRI22S4W (BOM: P1196302W W) , TRI22S4W (BOM: P1196303W W) , TRI22S4W (BOM: P1196304W W) , TRI22SRL (BOM: P1196302W L) , TS22TE (BOM: P1306501W E) , TS22TL (BOM: P1306501W L) , TS22TW (BOM: P1306501W W) , TS22VL (BOM: P1306502W L) , TS22VW (BOM: P1306502W W) , TSI22TE (BOM: P1306601W E) , TSI22TL (BOM: P1306601W L) , TSI22TW (BOM: P1306601W W) , TSI22VE (BOM: P1306602W E) , TSI22VL (BOM: P1306602W L) , TSI22VW (BOM: P1306602W W) , TX21R3E (BOM: P1181502W E) , TX21R3L (BOM: P1181502W L) , TX21R3W (BOM: P1181502W W) , TX21VC (BOM: P1315905W C) , TX21VE (BOM: P1301804W E) , TX21VE (BOM: P1315905W E) , TX21VL (BOM: P1301804W L) , TX21VL (BOM: P1315905W L) , TX21VW (BOM: P1301804W W) , TX21VW (BOM: P1315905W W) , TX22R3E (BOM: P1181602W E) , TX22R3L (BOM: P1181602W L) , TX22R3W (BOM: P1181602W W) , TX22S3 (BOM: P1196001W E) , TX22S3 (BOM: P1196001W L) , TX22S3 (BOM: P1196001W W) , TX22S3E (BOM: P1196001W E) , TX22S3E (BOM: P1196003W E) , TX22S3E (BOM: P1196004W E) , TX22S3L (BOM: P1196001W L) , TX22S3L (BOM: P1196002W L) , TX22S3L (BOM: P1196003W L) , TX22S3L (BOM: P1196004W L) , TX22S3W (BOM: P1196001W W) , TX22S3W (BOM: P1196002W W) , TX22S3W (BOM: P1196003W W) , TX22S3W (BOM: P1196004W W) , TX22V2E (BOM: P1306503W E) , TX22V2L (BOM: P1306503W L) , TX22V2W (BOM: P1306503W W) , TXI21R3E (BOM: P1182002W E) , TXI21R3L (BOM: P1182002W L) , TXI21R3W (BOM: P1182002W W) , TXI21VE (BOM: P1320602W E) , TXI21VL (BOM: P1320602W L) , TXI21VW (BOM: P1320602W W) , TXI22R3E (BOM: P1182004W E) , TXI22R3L (BOM: P1182004W L) , TXI22R3W (BOM: P1182004W W) , TY21S4L (BOM: P1195605W L) , TY21S4L (BOM: P1195607W L) , TY21S4L (BOM: P1195609W L) , TY21S4W (BOM: P1195605W W) , TY21S4W (BOM: P1195607W W) , TY21S4W (BOM: P1195609W W) , TYI21S4L (BOM: P1194705W L) , TYI21S4L (BOM: P1194707W L) , TYI21S4L (BOM: P1194709W L) , TYI21S4W (BOM: P1194705W W) , TYI21S4W (BOM: P1194707W W) , TYI21S4W (BOM: P1194709W W) , TZI22V2E (BOM: P1319101W E) , TZI22V2L (BOM: P1319101W L) , TZI22V2W (BOM: P1319101W W) ,

See #12 on the Diagram
Not Available
  Youngstown, OH 0
  Canton, OH 0
  Cleveland, OH (Euclid) 0
  Cleveland, OH (Mentor) 0
  Cleveland, OH (Garfield) 0
  Columbus, OH (West) 0
  Columbus, OH (East)   (P) 0
  Columbus, OH (North)   (P) 0
  Erie, PA 0
  Harrisburg, PA 0
  Livonia, MI 0
  Parma, OH   (P) 0
  Pittsburgh, PA (Monroeville) 0
  Pittsburgh, PA (Northside) 0
  Pittsburgh, PA (Pleasant)   (P) 0
  Utica, NY 0
  Warren, OH   (P) 0

(P) - Pick-Up Location Only